HerboloQi Menopause Replenish

For the woman seeking to transition through her Second Spring, the menopause, naturally. This combination of powerful herbs work synergistically, providing the necessary support to ease the rise and fall of the menopause hormones and the frequency and severity of so many unpleasant menopause symptoms. As a bonus, these herbs contribute to health and well-being BEYOND menopause giving you the freedom to live your best life.
This premium quality herbal food supplement uses only the highest quality ingredients and is presented in the perfect percentage to ensure maximum benefit to both your hormones and long term health.

As a member of the Practitioner Collective, practitioners are given the opportunity to hold larger quantities the HerboloQi Food Supplements at a discounted, wholesale price. Direct, discounted wholesale ordering couldn't be simpler and I ship directly to your door within 3-4 working days.

You now also have access to the Life + Lemons resource room including video, audio and pdf downloads. Learn more about

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This is an opportunity for you to delve into the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, deepen your knowledge and understanding to pass on fundamental principles of health to your network.

  • £29.99