FAQ | The Acupressure Freckle


How do I use my Freckle?

Step 1 | Locate Locate the point by using the instructions onthe Point Prescription card insert. This point will often be tender which indicates an active acupressure point.

Step 2 | Swab Included in your pack are 4 alcohol swabs. Simply tear open one of these and pull out the square swab. Use this to clean all 3 acupressure points in preparation for placing the Freckle. Cleaning each point like this helps it adhere to the skin, making it stay in place for much longer.
Step 3 | Stick Once the point is clean and dry, carefully remove the Freckle from its backing paper and stick over your located acupressure point. Gently press in place and ensure all edges of your Freckles are firmly stuck to the skin to prevent them from peeling off.
Step 4 | Press Because the Acupressure Freckle is biomagnetic, it naturally activates this point without the need to press. However, you can stimulate this point for a boost at times of need by maintaining gentle pressure over the Freckle for 3-5 minutes, up to 3 x each day.
Step 5 | Remove Each Freckle should last between 3-4 days and should be peeled off at this time. You may also notice that the Freckle starts to break down into a fine powder which means it has reached its natural end. When this happens, remove the plaster and gently rub the remaining powder on the skin in circular motions under warm water until it has washed away. This further activates the thermal properties of tourmaline and acts as a final boost to that acupressure point before removing and replacing.
Step 6 | Replace Allow the skin 48 hours to breathe before placing another Freckle. Remember, each Freckle is single use.

How long will each Freckle last?

Each Freckle should last between 3-4 days, before it will naturally start to break down and form a fine black powder. Factors that may make it break down sooner would be due to the use of body lotions or oils over the Freckle, swimming or bathing in a hot bath for long periods. Do not wear for longer
than 7 days.

Do I have to use Freckles on all the points at once?

It is recommended that you do, yes. The points detailed in your Point Prescription have been carefully chosen to work in combination with each other to powerfully stimulate a positive physiological effect.

I have sensitive skin and allergies. Can I still use them?

YES! However, If you do notice any skin irritation such as redness or itchiness around the point then remove it immediately.

What’s in the Freckle?

The primary materials used to make the active component of the Acupressure Freckle have been combined for their natural, magnetic and thermal potential qualities. A fine powder of Mica, Tourmaline, Germanium are combined with Elvan, Sunyak Stone, Charcoal and Vitamin C to give each Freckle an extra
health boost.

How Does it work?

Each Freckle emits far-infrared rays at the wavelength of 8-14 microns and considerable amounts of negative ions (800-1000 anions). This is comparable to the level emitted by a thick forested area. It therefore helps to improve metabolism, promote blood circulation and increase body temperature around that point. In short, it is a functional product to help aid health and balance in our body by gently and naturally stimulating specific acupressure points.

What are the benefits of far-infrared rays?

They enhance circulation in the skin, and may help modulate sleep, ease pain, protect against oxidative stress, and relieve inflammation. These benefits are enhanced by the stone tourmaline, which helps healing warmth penetrate deeper and has a negative ion potential. Find out more about the benefits of far infrared rays here.

What are the benefits of negative ion therapy?

There have been many studies researching the benefit of negative ion therapy. Anions (negtive ions) have been found to help protect the body against negative effects caused by induced physical stress. They are also able to neutralise free radicals that may contribute towards diseases in the body, in addition to boosting immune-system function and revitalising the metabolism of cells. Anions can help bring the body into balance after long-term exposure to electromagnetic fields e.g. excessive positive ions from mobile phone, computers and TVs. Find out more about the benefits of negative ions here.

Who developed the Freckle?

Kimberley Shepherd, Acupuncturist in Sheffield UK, sought ways to extend patients positive outcomes from their treatment. A way to empower patients with the tools to take control of their health, beyond the treatment table. With a deep understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she developed specific point prescriptions aimed at helping people to overcome those bitter sweet moments in life and health. The active composite acupressure stone is a patented technology (registration no. 0384536).

Important additional information

Where skin irritation occurs, remove the plaster immediately. Keep the plasters in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. The plasters are for external use only and should not be ingested. Store in a safe place away from children.

Acupressure Freckles are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Please always consult your doctor for advice on your
symptoms and health.