Immune Defence Care Pack

In these challenging times, we must look to self-care to support a strong, resilient constitution, aiding our immune defence. By supporting ourselves and our foundation of health, we can help curb the severity of the global impact that virus' can have - on our community and economically.

The Immune Defence Care Pack contains 1 months supply of:

  • GLOW Acupressure Freckles. PLUS, webinar by acupuncturist, Kimberley Shepherd, showing you how to use them and why they're beneficial for immune health.
  • Supplements from Cytoplan (Immunovite + Zinc). PLUS, webinar by our Nutritional Therapist, Clare Shepherd, talking you through why optimal nutrition and supplementation are so important to immune health.
  • Immune Defence Herbal Tea, specially formulated by Abby, our Naturopath + Herbalist. PLUS, she offers a webinar talking you through the benefits of each of these herbs.
  • Immune Defence Herbal Facial Steams, specially formulated by Abby. PLUS, webinar talking you through how to do these steams most effectively to support respiratory function.
  • AcuAroma Immune Defence. Aromatherapy Roller using a cold pressed blend of the highest quality essential oils made by Life + Lemons. To be used topically over the neck and chest to help with your immune defence. Please note, Neals Yard have now sold out of these and it's not likely they will be back in stock any time soon! So these are a rare commodity.